• Up to 1000 C and above 10 bar G
  • > 97 % energy efficiency
  • Clean Tech using renewable electric energy
  • Work in hazardous areas
  • Explosion classified according to ATEX
  • Approval for pressurized vessel to PED
  • CE marked
  • Scalable and modular
  • Only standard components
  • Light and compact construction
  • Zero carbon deposition

Unique method

New concept


The heating of gas is based on electrical heating making it possible to minimize CO2 emissions if renewable resources are used. One heater is installed during 2013 and is working according to specifications. The technology is modular and can be scaled up to requested temperature, flow and pressure. All elements in the gas heater are based on widely used components which have been used in the industry for thousands of hours. The implementation of and the design of the ingoing components is designed with margin to have a long life time.


The heater is designed for delivering gas temperatures up to and more than 1000 degrees C with gas pressures > 10 bar which is unique with approval for a pressurized vessel





CFD simulations and calculations together with measurements show that the heater has very high efficiency. Typical values for a heater shows energy efficiency of > 97 % which is much higher than for fossil fuel fired heaters  

Proven components

Only standard components are used in the gas heater. The components has been used in heavy industry for many years and at the introduction of the components in the heater is designed with a good margin for high availability and long life time


The technology is scalable and modular so a wide range of flow rates can be offered depending of request for the application.


Project proposal


NyCast AB can in project form give a proposal for a heating solution for your gas heating challenge. Within the frame of the cooperation with Swerea MEFOS it can be offered a wide support with trials for a heating concept with the heater installed at Swerea MEFOS.


complete installation

NyCast AB has the possibility to deliver a complete installation with design, erection and commissioning. We will use well-known companies within respective specialty as sub-contractor. NyCast can also act as a sub-contractor to your well-known company which you prefer.