Reduction of iron ore

NyCast AB has a proven technology which can heat gas to a high temperature also in high pressure application.

The high efficiency close to 100 % of the gas heater is important for the economy and the CO2 emission is close to zero If renewable electric energy is used

NyCast Energy Recovery TM

This unit separate hydrogen and water by cooling the top gas down to 3-7 degrees Celcius by a heat exchanger and a compressor cooler, after cooling and addition of gas from the gasholder hydrogen is preheated with the energy from the heat exchanger and compressor unit.

The preheated gas is then fed in to the © NyCast Gasheater and heated up to final temperature.

NyCast Hydrogen Reduction gas storage TM

By producing and storing hydrogen when national electricity production is higher then the consumption a great advantages is created in the national electrical system.

NyCast Clean Tech Iron Ore Reduction TM together with wind power and solar power can have a great importance for the reduction of CO2